React still on top; Containers are hot

November's job postings were in line with most of 2018 as React remains on top with a strong lead again after a close call last month. If this holds for React in December, it'll have been in the top spot for the full calendar year. That will be the first time a technology will have that distinction in these rankings. If that's not enough React, it's also worth mentioning that November, 2018 marks the 2 year anniversary of React's first win in November, 2016.

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React holds off Python (October 2018)

React is still on top after a whopping seventeen months, but it did have its closest finish in almost a year, beating second place Python by just over a percentage point. JavaScript made a strong jump to third place with AWS and Node.js rounding out the Top 5 for October.

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TypeScript makes its move (September 2018)

While there was a little bit of a shake-up internally within the Top 5 in September compared to previous months, the players mostly look familiar. At the top, React claimed its sixteenth win in a row, a streak that began in June, 2017. Following up in second as usual, Python continued its own streak. Making a first appearance in the Top 5 was "Full Stack", proving that the term is still alive and well. Rounding out the top 5 was node.js, its first Top 5 finish since May.

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Summer hiring heats up; React still on fire (August 2018)

The Top 5 remained exactly the same in August as it was in July with React on top followed by Python, AWS, Postgresql and JavaScript. This is React's fifteenth month in a row in the top spot. Though React has slid back in terms of share over the last quarter after peaking in June, it's still in a dominant position.

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Top 10 Programming Languages

For most months, this post examines technologies across the sprectrum of software development, from languages to frameworks to products. And, that data is all still here for you to examine as well. But, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the state of Programming Languages specifically as their trends can often be obscured in the overall analysis.

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No signs of slowing for React

React reached new heights in June with a mention in over 28% of postings, easily taking the top spot for the thirteenth month in a row. The highest ever for a technology was 32% for JavaScript nearly four years ago. Can React challenge it? With React's adoption on the web and for mobile app developments with React Native, it presents an attractive platform for many developers to explore. But, front-end technologies have a history of being replaced for the hot new thing, so how long can React stay on top?

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Node.js breaks into the Top 5

In another sign of JavaScript's ubiquity, Node.js became the second JavaScript related technology to surpass mentions of JavaScript itself. Node.js took the #4 spot in May, its first time in the top 5, and just ahead of JavaScript. React was the first to do so, and React also continued its streak of wins, taking the top spot for the 12th month in a row, sustaining its rank for a complete year.

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Golang jumps into Top 10

The Go Programming Language (golang) made its first appearance in the Top 10 and is now the third most popular programming language in the rankings. Go jumped over both Java and Ruby this month. First released in 2012, Go has climbed steadily as its popularity grows, and was mentioned in over 10% of postings in April.

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React and Python still dominant

React cruised to its tenth win in a row in March, continuing to show its dominance in the tech hiring marketplace. Python maintained its normal spot at #2 as well. React and Python both maintained more than a 20% share of postings, opening up a large gap between these 2 and the rest of the field. Also interesting is to see the movement after those two, as JavaScript fell back significantly from third to fourth and nearly further.

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Status Quo Reigns in tech

As React wins its ninth month in a row, it appears that we're settling in for a bit of stability at the top of the rankings. The one trend of note in the top 10 is Postgresql entering the top 5, but it has been there before, so it's not a strong threat to keep climbing higher.

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React continues streak

React continues its win streak into the new year with a strong showing again. With 8 wins in a row and another near 25% rate of mention, what will it take for another technology to catch React?

React continues streak >>


These charts show what's popular and trending in programming languages, frameworks and technologies used to develop modern software applications as indicated by Hacker News activity. Using the HN Search API and a dictionary of software terms, all of the the comments (job postings) in the "whoishiring" submissions from April 2011 to the latest month were processed to count the number of times each software term was mentioned.

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