Status Quo Reigns in tech

Friday, February 09, 2018

As React wins its ninth month in a row, it appears that we're settling in for a bit of stability at the top of the rankings. The one trend of note in the top 10 is Postgresql entering the top 5, but it has been there before, so it's not a strong threat to keep climbing higher.

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React continues streak

React continues its win streak into the new year with a strong showing again. With 8 wins in a row and another near 25% rate of mention, what will it take for another technology to catch React?

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React finishes the year on top

React reached the #1 spot in the rankings back in June, overtaking Python, and has not let go since. December marks React's seventh win in a row. More than just win though, React had its largest margin of victory and came close to being mentioned in 25% of the postings.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Hiring Trends

It appears that Blockchain growth has now extended into hiring demand for software developers with Blockchain skills. After noticing Upwork's Q3 Report (via @thenewstack) highlighted Blockchain as its 2nd fastest growing skill, I explored what the trends looked like in the Hacker News data and found the results were significant enough to add Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum to the HN trends, beginning with this analysis of November's "Ask HN: Who is Hiring" thread.

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An October bounce, React extends its streak

Postings in October's "Ask HN: Who is Hiring" thread were up over 12% from September as fall hiring kicked into high gear. In fact, this was the 2nd highest posting month of all time, behind only this past Februrary. In previous years, November usually surpasses October, so it will be worth watching next week to see if hiring can remain hot.

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September 2017 Hacker News Hiring Trends

React extends its win streak to four straight, claiming the top spot again as the most popular software development technology in September's "Ask HN: Who is Hiring" thread. In fact, the entire Top 5 of React, Python, JavaScript, AWS and Full Stack remained identical in September. There was however one big move into the Top 10 by Docker, its first appearance in the Top 10. Java, definitely not a new technology, also had a big month with a jump from #12 to #7.

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These charts show what's popular and trending in programming languages, frameworks and technologies used to develop modern software applications as indicated by Hacker News activity. Using the HN Search API and a dictionary of software terms, all of the the comments (job postings) in the "whoishiring" submissions from April 2011 to the latest month were processed to count the number of times each software term was mentioned.

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