Remote Work trend still climbing

In the final month of 2021, the remote work trend that exploded in mid-2020 due to the COVID pandemic shows no sign of slowing. Remote-friendly positions account for nearly 77% of the job postings in December's "Ask HN: Who is hiring?" thread.

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July 2021 Hacker News Hiring Trends

For July, jobs postings in the Ask HN: Who is hiring? thread remained strong with 65% year-over-year growth compared to July of 2020. At the time of this post, there were 931 top level comments in the July thread which represent job postings being analyzed. This is a bit of a dip from June's all time record high number of 1040 posts, but that's not too unusual looking at past years' summer time hiring dips.

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New record for Hacker News job postings (June 2021)

Hiring is on fire for software developers as June set an all time record for the number of postings to the "Who is hiring?" thread with 1040 top level comments. This was only the third time, ever, surpassing 1000 comments and breaks the previous record set in May, 2018. This also nearly doubles the count from one year ago in June, 2020.

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Remote Work is now the norm

The new year and a new way of working in the Covid era allows us to take a fresh look at hiring trends on Hacker News' whoishiring threads. This month, we are going beyond just technology. A few new terms have been added to the analysis, looking at software job specialization (frontend, backend, full-stack), and job experience/level (Principal, Staff, Senior, Junior).

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2020 was a year unlike any other, but tech tools didn't change much

I think it's safe to say that the World experienced unprecedented change this year with the Covid-19 Pandemic and the response to it. But, even with a shift to remote work, and a strong software job market, the tools and technologies that Software Developers used in 2020 remained very similar to the tools used in prior years. Looking at the job postings from Hacker News, this data reveals very little change from what was found in 2019.

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Big drop in developer job postings

With the midway point of 2020 fast approaching, and the world in the midst of perhaps the largest shift in employment in my lifetime, it seems like an appropriate time time to take a peek at how software job trends are looking through the lens of Ask HN: Who is hiring?, a regular, monthly collection of software development job postings. The summary posts on usually focus on specific technologies that are gaining or losing adoption, but first let's look at how Covid-19 is affecting this specific job board.

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These charts show what's popular and trending in programming languages, frameworks and technologies used to develop modern software applications as indicated by Hacker News activity. Using the HN Search API and a dictionary of software terms, all of the the comments (job postings) in the "whoishiring" submissions from April 2011 to the latest month were processed to count the number of times each software term was mentioned.

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