Who is hiring? job postings continue to lag

What a difference a year makes. The number of job postings in the "Ask HN: Who is hiring?" thread for November bounced back a bit from October's near all-time low, but was still way down from last year. For November, there were 555 postings (top level comments), up 13% over October. But, postings are down year-over-year, 45%, from November 2021.

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June 2022 Hacker News Hiring Trends

Python is once again the top programming language after losing to TypeScript the last two months. Previous to the last two months' defeat, Python had been the top programming language for six years. Will it stay on top again, or will this battle between Python and TypeScript go back and forth into the future?

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May 2022 Hacker News Hiring Trends

For May, at the top of the rankings, everything stayed pretty much the same as it was in April. Remote hiring is still very popular, with 75% of postings including it. On the techonology front, React is still the only tech term in the top 5, with about 26% of postings including it.

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TypeScript is the new top Programming Language

TypeScript has dethroned Python. For the first time in over six years, there is a new #1 programming language in the rankings with TypeScript jumping ahead of Python. Python has had a remarkable run, taking the top spot among programming languages since March, 2016. TypeScript steps up to the top spot in the same year it turns ten years old.

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March 2022 Hacker News Hiring Trends

Checking in with a quick March Update since it's been a few months. The list of terms used to analyze the job postings has been refreshed with some newer and popular technolgies, technologies that have been gaining ground over the last year. A few of the newer technologies that have cracked the "Rising" list with entries include: FastAPI, Tailwind CSS, web3, Clickhouse, and Flutter.

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Remote Work trend still climbing

In the final month of 2021, the remote work trend that exploded in mid-2020 due to the COVID pandemic shows no sign of slowing. Remote-friendly positions account for nearly 77% of the job postings in December's "Ask HN: Who is hiring?" thread.

Remote Work trend still climbing >>


These charts show what's popular and trending in programming languages, frameworks and technologies used to develop modern software applications as indicated by Hacker News activity. Using the HN Search API and a dictionary of software terms, all of the the comments (job postings) in the "whoishiring" submissions from April 2011 to the latest month were processed to count the number of times each software term was mentioned.

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